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“Who is Jesus?” | Dr. John Fesko | November 5-6, 2016

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24 Responses to Webcast

  1. Sheila Delladio says:

    Thank you to all who have worked to bring the live webcast to Cornerstone. It is a blessing and joy!

  2. Arline Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for this webcast. It was great to be able to feel connected and to stay up with the teaching out of Luke. God Bless you for all your effort and hard work. It is appreciated for sure.

  3. Laurie Bigham says:

    Thank you for the wonderful blessing of being able hear and see the Word of God preached, prayed and sung through the worship service. For those who are unable to but desire to attend the corporate worship service, this webcast is a gift. Thank you all who serve the body of Christ at Cornerstone through this ministry.

  4. Karlie Bigham says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

  5. The Domis Family says:

    Thank you so much Arthur Family for your service to the body of Christ. It was great to be a part of the service – all the way from the McDonald’s parking lot in Newport OR. Blessings to you and we’ll see you all soon.

  6. Stan Way is the Program Director that stands out to me in my memories of San Francisco Teen Challenge. I consider him to be my primary discipler when I went through that program at the age of 17 (Nov. 1971 and graduating Summer 1972). I especially remember Stan Way’s teaching on the Book of Romans. When I was struggling to understand some parts of the Bible, Pastor Stan gave me the principle of putting some questions “on the shelf” and allow the Lord over time to answer some of the questions in time.
    Pastor Stan also taught me a way of prayer that is helpful in getting focused and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me. Even now 40 years later I have great memories.

  7. Er- I also want to say that Pastor Stan Way’s solid biblical teaching inspired me to go on in Pastoral Ministry education at Bethany Bible College, as I knew that this is where He received his Biblical education.

  8. Rolf Phyllis Murray says:

    We enjoyed our First Webcast in Texas Today!! Thanks to the Authur Family.
    Also thanks for the videos and sound systen of Phyllis’s Birthday party.
    Take care and God Bless. Rolf & Phyllis

  9. Dave Day says:

    Very grateful for the webcast. Thankful for the Arthur family!

    Great message on communion today Pastor Stan! Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s word.

  10. Preston Price says:

    Hello everybody! Thank you for all of your time with me over the years I spent at Cornerstone. Things are going well here. Praise God for His faithfulness!

  11. Arline Wilson says:

    It is hard to hear at times. The pastor’s mics need to be turned up possibly. Our volumes are at the maximum on our computer.

  12. Dave Day says:

    Pastor Mike preached a wonderful sermon on being empowered by the Holy Spirit! His talk about the Lord’s Supper was also a blessing. I’m very thankful for the Arthur family and their service to the people at Cornerstone, particularly the webcast!

  13. Dave Day says:

    Today I was hoping to stream the morning worship service as I was unable to physically be there, but unfortunately the webcast was cancelled. I decided to listen to another sermon by Pastor Mark titled “God Works Through Means”. I’m so glad I listened! It was wonderful.

    I’m very thankful for our leadership and the direction our church is going. There is no place that I feel safer then when I’m with my brothers and sisters at Cornerstone.

  14. Marla Dippel says:

    Thank you for the webcast last sunday night. I got home from a crazy visit with my daughters and was able to watch and hear the message. I am thrilled that this is available for me if I get stuck at home!

  15. Because of the time difference between Oregon and Florida, I am blessed to tune in to my home church, Cornerstone, after attending my local church, St. Andrews. Thank you for providing this service on a weekly basis! The live stream has helped me keep up to date with the happenings back home.

  16. Arline Wilson says:

    So good to worship with you all this morning. I’m in Idaho and grateful for our webcast that our church provides. See you all soon.

  17. Hank & Sheila Delladio says:

    Once again, thank you Tim.

  18. Joseph Abela says:

    This was my first video session on cccm.org….Thanks for your delivery of this important subject of having Faith and Redemption in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus…John 3:16 ….with Christian Love, joe abela

  19. Cheryl Way says:

    Am home with a child who is sick, and am so glad to hear the message! Thanks for providing this opportunity.
    The volume level is very low, even though I have it turned to the maximum level on the computer. Also, the words aren’t in sync with the speaker… not a big deal, but a little disconcerting.
    Thanks again!

  20. Kelly and Cindy Quaid says:

    Not feeling well earlier today so we stayed home. What a blessing to be with our church family and hear God’s word at home, when were not able to be there in person.

    Blessings to all!

  21. CindyQuaid says:

    Thank you so much for a very good sermon on prayer!


    This was a blessed Easter spent with our friends and family from morning to evening. Mark, Thank you for preaching God’s word this evening. We were able to be with all of you on the webcast!

    Blessings to all,

    Kelly and Cindy

  23. Donna Hojem says:

    I so enjoyed seeing everyone these past 2 /half weeks being at church with Family and friends was a Blessing now today listening to the word on webcast again ,miss everyone ,Family and Church Family. Looking forward to next Sunday while I search for a Church to attend to here in Houston,Love to all God Bless

  24. Marsha West says:

    On the Sundays we can’t be in the church building we boot up the laptop and watch the webcast from wherever we happen to be — it’s kinda like being there. So naturally we’re disappointed that the service is no longer live-streamed. Hint, hint.

    Blessings to y’all,
    Byron & Marsha

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