The Heart of the Gospel | Affirming the Reformation | Solas
What makes the Christian message “Good News?”  What sets Christianity apart from all other religious systems and makes it so radically different?  Why does the Gospel offend some and thrill others?  The answers to these questions are found when we acquire an understanding of five essential Christian doctrines that have come to us by way of the Protestant Reformation.  Theses foundational affirmations are referred to as the
Reformation Solas, and they form the heart of the Gospel.  They are very simply stated –
Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, and To God’s Glory Alone.
When we understand what is being communicated through these statements, then we’ll truly understand why the Christian Gospel is “Good News.”

1. Unifying Convictions

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2. Scripture Alone


3. Christ Alone

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4. Grace Alone

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5. Faith Alone


6. To God’s Glory Alone