Be Human

What It Means To Be Human

Where do we go to get an adequate answer to the question, “what does it mean to be human”?  How do we understand the humanity of man?  These questions aren’t addressed by science generally or by biology specifically, because these disciplines tend to focus on how things work rather than on what these things are.  Historically, we have looked to theologians and philosophers to answer these questions, but both of these sources of insight and understanding have lost the public’s ear.  And yet, to properly address the question of man’s humanity we absolutely must consider the theological response.  We need to develop a thoughtful and biblically informed understanding of man in order to meet the profound ethical challenges posed by abortion, euthanasia and the emerging biotechnologies.  In the face of these technologies that are redefining the boundaries of nature it’s extremely important that we have a biblical understanding of our own humanness and think with greater moral clarity than ever before.  Hopefully, this series of sermons will help us on both of these fronts.

There are 12 audio tracks in this series, please check back here for more!

1. The Humanity of Man |  Genesis 1:26-28

[audio:|titles=01 The Humanity Of Man]
2. Man-God’s Image Bearer |  Genesis 1:26-28

[audio:|titles=02 Man – God’s Image Bearer]
3. Image and Relatedness |  Genesis 1:26-28

[audio:|titles=03 Image and Relatedness]